Life Of Luxury

life of luxury match 3

Life of Luxury – Diamond, cars, and luxury item crush match three mania

If you like Candy Crush or any of the other match 3 games, then you will love Life of Luxury! This game was created for players to not only have fun, but also be inspired by all the high end luxury items and shoot for the stars in their lives. This game is for those who want the most out of life…those who would enjoy sipping champagne in their beach side mansion, driving around in their high end, sexy, exotic sports car, or cruising around tropical locations in their yacht.

This puzzle game will test your intelligence as you have to choose the best way to “solve” it to earn higher points with each move. Earn points by matching 3 like items to “crush” them down. Dash through the matches as quickly as possible to beat the time limit! Play your friends using the integrated multiplayer platform.

« Luxury items, exotic cars, high end watches, yachts, ext.
« Ads Free available
« Multiplayer Match Three Game
« Game center High Score
« AWESOME soundtrack


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