What We Do and How YOU Can Make Money With Apps

We are an app company focused primarily on games, however, we have a few utility apps in the plans as well. When we started this company, we were sure we could find a way for MANY people to benefit monetarily from the app business. After much thought, we have decided to allow people to support the financing of our upcoming apps. Here’s how it works. We will post up a little info on an upcoming app (but not TOO much information as to protect our property) along with the upcoming game’s icon when available. We will post an monetary amount we are seeking towards the production of the app. When the funds come in, the app will go into production.

Here is the COOL PART! We will share 30% of the app’s profits with those who fund the app….and when multiple people support the same app, the 30% will be divided according to the percent each person gave. For instance. Let’s say we were seeking $1000 towards the production of an app and you give $500, and your friend gives $500. That would mean we would gladly share 15% of the app’s profits with each of you. So how much money will it be? Who knows!? Could be next to nothing(which I highly doubt), could be thousands a month. Whatever it is, we will share 30%. Just imagine if it ends up being one of the many apps making 5 figures/month!!!

We primarily monetize our apps by using the following methods.
1. Ads in the game
2. paid upgrade to an ad free version
3. In App Purchases. Things like new characters, extra awesomeness….things like that. 😉

NOW…why would we do this? I know many people will ask….Why not just fund the apps ourselves? Well…the short answer is this. I am a follower of Zig Ziglar. He says “You can get everything you want out of life if you just help enough other people get what THEY want.”. I FULLY BELIEVE THAT. I always hear people say “it is lonely at the top”….well, it doesn’t have to be if you bring people with you, and to me, that’s what life is all about, making it to the top and bringing others with you. Mako Apps feels that we can ALL benefit from this blooming industry.

All this being said…let me be clear about a few things. If you do decide to support an app, you are NOT an “investor” nor are you technically a “partner”. If you were…that would lead to a bunch of legal red tape that nobody wants to deal with. You will not own any portion of the company. I do this so that Mako Apps is the one responsible for making the decisions. The reason for this, is that I want this company to have ONE vision. We are the vision. We are the head. Anything with more than one head is a monster.

Another thing I want to make clear is this. You may support an app and we release that app and it never makes a dime. I don’t believe that would happen, but hey…anything is possible, Jack.

Another thing people will want to know is this…will anything be expected of THEM beyond the monetary support. Well…YES! Nobody ever succeeds by sitting on their butt. SO, what we would ask of you, is that once the app is released, you hit social media and blast the heck out of it. I mean after all…the more people that download the app, the more money you will make!!! Please be aware, that you will need to provide us with either an EIN or SS number before we will be able to share any revenue with you. Hey….that’s the law Jack.

Lastly…and I want to make this VERY clear. We give 10% of my profits to our church with further giving to various other charities. I don’t know why anyone would be against this, but I just want to be up front. If you are not in support of that, then we appreciate your friendship, but it may not be a good fit for you to financially support an app of ours.

OK, now that we have all of THAT out of the way…I would love to have you on our team!! Scroll through our apps and see which one you would like to support!! Just click “donate” button and use paypal, or contact us if you would like to use a check.

Take a look at our app page and decide which app you would like to support!!